F1 Paddock Insights

May 6, 2009

Despite taking two weeks off, Formula One is still a hive of activity inside both the garages and law courts of the world. McLaren escaped with a slap on the wrist for their part in the lying scandal that has rocked Formula One since the opening Grand Prix of 2009, even though many people thought that the sanctions would be a great deal harsher. A suspended sentence, the firing of Dave Ryan and the expedited departure of Ron Dennis will, I think, be enough to scare McLaren into not trying to pull another stunt like that – this season, at least.

Almost like a new season – Never before has the start of the European season heralded such a breadth of technical developments to carry the hopes of the teams. The two week break has encouraged a raft of new developments across every single team. Perhaps the most eagerly anticipated development will come at the hands of Renault who teased us with their new diffuser at Bahrain. Spaniard Fernando Alonso has said this week that, “seeing the support of the fans always gives me a big boost”, couple that with “a new diffuser and floor, new wheel fairings to increase downforce and a new rear wing” and we should see a “reasonable step in performance this weekend.” Expect to see more this weekend from Ferrari, with their new, fabled double diffuser, too.

£40m enough? – The big news from the FIA in the last week has been the proposal of the £40m budget cap. The proposal has left FOTA divided, with the smaller teams delighted by the plans and the big boys now having to look at how they can seriously reduce their budgets. Even some of the satellite teams, such as Toro Rosso manage to spend upward of £60m per year. It leaves teams asking big questions of their finances and, unfortunately, now of their workforce. An F1 insider told me over the weekend that “the first thing to go will be the staff”, leaving even more people out of work, where the budget cuts had initially planned to prolong the life of teams and jobs. There are suggestions in the paddock that FOTA will respond by proposing a reduction in expenditure by 30-40%, rather than a budget cap – a good idea, but one that will not resolve the issue of new teams joining the F1 paddock.

Donington saga continues – As talked about in Bahrain’s F1 Insider, the Donington-staged British Grand Prix of 2010 could still be under threat. Donington Ventures Leisure Limited (DVLL) CEO Simon Gillett has met with the local council who had underwritten £100m for his re-development of the Donington site and the North West Leicestershire District Council has extended his grace period until the end of June. It is claimed that Gillett is yet to sign the planning agreements to detail the development of the site – necessary before any substantial backing can be put in place. Turns out he is still fighting on two fronts, too, as Tom Wheatcroft is still after his £2.47m, for which a law suit was filed two weeks ago.

Every car running McLaren? – Following the success of McLaren’s standard ECU throughout the paddock, an insider at the Woking-based technology firm are looking to implement the only truly productive Kers throughout the whole paddock next season. With limited downforce so far this season, the cars’ Kers have propelled them to the unexpected heights of 4th in Bahrain. Another potentially cost-saving measure, this could be the answer to the FIA’s Kers prayers, following the first 4 rounds of the season and less than a quarter of the field using the power booster regularly.

And finally – With the weather forecast looking mixed for this weekend, the paddock could be, once again, thrown upside down. An abrasive track surface, plus the high downforce requirements mean that tyre-life is limited around the Circuit de Catalunya. Will the rain play into the hands of the already-strong Brawns and Red Bulls or will we see yet another team leading the pack this weekend. Expect to see tight lap times, though, as most of the teams tested here in pre-season and should be on fairly familiar set-ups.

Enjoy the first European race of the season.


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